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Image File Format for Computer Icons



  • ICO format is flexible. A single ICO file can contain all the icon versions you need for different screen settings and resolutions. They eliminate the need for many image files for each icon version.
  • They are widely supported and recognized across various applications and platforms. Thus, it is easier to work with ICO files without worrying about compatibility problems. Additionally, several editing software such as GIMP and Adobe Photoshop support this format.
  • It makes icons look good on any screen size or resolution. Since this format stores multiple images or varying resolutions and sizes, you can design icons for displaying on different screen sizes. 


  • They show limited color depth. ICO files support a maximum of 24-bit, making their color depth limited compared to other formats like PNG and JPG. 
  • IcO files are larger compared to other formats. 
  • One of their greatest downsides is their incompatibility with non-Windows platforms. 

High-Efficiency Image Container (HEIC)


√ HEIC file sizes are smaller than JPEG, but they maintain the same or better image quality.

√ It’s more efficient to store and share HEIC images online.

√ The file format supports HDR and transparency.

√ It allows for flexible and extensible usage. 



√ It’s not as widely supported as JPEG.

√ May not be compatible with all devices and software applications.

√ It can be difficult to open and view  HEIC documents and ebooks on some devices. 

√ It is not designed to support vector graphics directly


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