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High Efficiency Image Container



  • An HEIC file is smaller than JPEG and can hold multiple images simultaneously. That means your photos will take less space in the cloud or your phone memory. 
  • Despite their smaller size compared to other files, HEIC still offers the same uncompromised high quality.
  • They are flexible to edit since they support a 16-bit color. 
  • HEIC files retain your pictures’ important details like location, time, height, and width in pixels. 
  • It is suitable for software that uses non-destructive photo editing.


  • It is not compatible with non-Apple devices  
  • Regular web browsers and social media platforms do not support this format. As a result, photographers strain to edit or upload pictures in their original form since this format limits practicality. 

Portable Network Graphics


√ It employs lossless compression thereby preserving the quality of images without artifacts.

  PNG is capable of storing additional details which include copyright information, and text comments.

  When dealing with images that have sharp edges, or text and line art, it is the ideal format.

√ For images with varying opacity levels, they support alpha transparency.

√ It is compatible with most browsers, graphic software, and even image editors.

√ If an image has a large area of uniform color, PNG offers efficient compression.



√ Compared to JPEG when dealing with complex images, it is less efficient.

√ It may not be compatible with older web browsers, or even certain specialized software programs.

√ It doesn't support animation, unlike GIF.

√ PNG only supports up to 16 million colors, locking out some high-color-depth images.

√ It isn't the most efficient format for storing images.

√ When compared to other image formats, it offers less control over compression settings.


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