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  • JPG files have high resolution that supports a 24-bit color with as many as sixteen million colors. With that, experts use it to encode and compress digital images with a high resolution. 
  • It has smaller sizes than other file formats, saving storage space and making website loading easier and faster. 
  • It has excellent compressibility 
  • It is compatible with many software, browsers, and apps
  • JPG makes post-processing easier 


  • They do not support transparent layers or backgrounds. You may need other formats if your image has a transparent or layered background.
  • Lossy compression can lower the image quality, and images with clean lines and edges may lose sharpness.
  • Your image may suffer posterization due to losing a lot of data. Losing the smooth transition between colors makes images appear blockier. The only way to avoid posterization is to store pictures in raw format. 

High-Efficiency Image Container (HEIC)


√ HEIC file sizes are smaller than JPEG, but they maintain the same or better image quality.

√ It’s more efficient to store and share HEIC images online.

√ The file format supports HDR and transparency.

√ It allows for flexible and extensible usage. 



√ It’s not as widely supported as JPEG.

√ May not be compatible with all devices and software applications.

√ It can be difficult to open and view  HEIC documents and ebooks on some devices. 

√ It is not designed to support vector graphics directly


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