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High Efficiency Image Container



  • An HEIC file is smaller than JPEG and can hold multiple images simultaneously. That means your photos will take less space in the cloud or your phone memory. 
  • Despite their smaller size compared to other files, HEIC still offers the same uncompromised high quality.
  • They are flexible to edit since they support a 16-bit color. 
  • HEIC files retain your pictures’ important details like location, time, height, and width in pixels. 
  • It is suitable for software that uses non-destructive photo editing.


  • It is not compatible with non-Apple devices  
  • Regular web browsers and social media platforms do not support this format. As a result, photographers strain to edit or upload pictures in their original form since this format limits practicality. 

Protein Data Bank


  • Structural analysis. PDB files allow researchers to study 3D structures of macromolecules and proteins, providing crucial insights into their function, folding, and interaction with other molecules. 
  • They help in drug discovery. PDB files allow researchers to visualize proteins’ binding sites and create molecules that can modulate their activities. That way, they can identify potential drug targets. 
  • PDB files facilitate comparative studies of related structures, enabling scientists to understand revolutionary relationships and find conserved structural motifs.
  • PDB files allow for independent verification and validation of published structures. 


  • PDB files can suffer from program-generated errors, displaying long bonds between residues. 
  • Misaligned atom names in PDB files can result in significant problems. 
  • Hand-edited PDB files can contain duplicates of atom’s names.
  • Hand-editing PDB files can also result in naming a residue outside its sequence, which may send wrong information to researchers. 


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