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High Efficiency Image Container



  • An HEIC file is smaller than JPEG and can hold multiple images simultaneously. That means your photos will take less space in the cloud or your phone memory. 
  • Despite their smaller size compared to other files, HEIC still offers the same uncompromised high quality.
  • They are flexible to edit since they support a 16-bit color. 
  • HEIC files retain your pictures’ important details like location, time, height, and width in pixels. 
  • It is suitable for software that uses non-destructive photo editing.


  • It is not compatible with non-Apple devices  
  • Regular web browsers and social media platforms do not support this format. As a result, photographers strain to edit or upload pictures in their original form since this format limits practicality. 

Scalable Vector Graphics


√ Since they are vector, they retain their quality even when resized or zoomed in.

√ They can be animated, the reason animators and developers love it.

√ It is not only supported by major browsers but also by less-known ones.

√ For purposes of optimization, they are indexed by Google.

√ They decrease the file size when used in logos and icon images.

√ They can be compressed.

Most websites utilize SVG image format.



√  Offer limited support for older browsers like Internet Explorer 8, Android 3 and 4, and iOS Safari, among others.

√ Users with limited knowledge of XML code may find it difficult to edit.

√ Since it contains all the information needed to render an image, it can sometimes be larger than JPEG and PNG images.

√ Optimizing and creating SVG images can be difficult for novices of the format.

√ Rendering of images with older processors can prove difficult because SVG images use a mathematical formula to do so.


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