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Portable Network Graphic


  • PNGs are smaller JPEGs, which makes them take up less storage space and download faster.
  • Their ability to support transparency makes it possible to create web graphics with transparent backgrounds.
  • They are excellent for storing high-quality images since they do not lose their quality when compressed. 
  • They are compatible with all major browsers like Chrome, Google, Firefox, and Safari, and you can use them on all website sizes. 
  • They support interlaced mode that creates lower-resolution versions of images that can be quickly displayed. Thus, it is ideal for images that need online viewing. 


  • Unlike other formats, PNG does not support animation.
  • They can be difficult to edit since they are lossless. 
  • While their transparency is advantageous, it can sometimes cause artifacts on the image’s edges. 
  • It is challenging to print images in PNG format. 

Graphics Interchange Format


√ They are the only common image format that supports animation, making them perfect for creating short, looping videos.

√ GIFs are typically much smaller in size than JPEG and PNG and thus load faster on web pages. 

√ When compared to videos, GIFs are cheaper.

√ GIFs are compatible with almost all web browsers and devices. 

√ They don't require too many technical skills which means they can be created quickly.



√ They are less vibrant than PNG and JPEG as they only support 256 colors.

√ They employ lossy compression which results in the loss of quality, especially in areas of high detail.

√ Repeatedly editing and saving GIFs leads to a loss of quality.


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