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  • PNGs are smaller JPEGs, which makes them take up less storage space and download faster.
  • Their ability to support transparency makes it possible to create web graphics with transparent backgrounds.
  • They are excellent for storing high-quality images since they do not lose their quality when compressed. 
  • They are compatible with all major browsers like Chrome, Google, Firefox, and Safari, and you can use them on all website sizes. 
  • They support interlaced mode that creates lower-resolution versions of images that can be quickly displayed. Thus, it is ideal for images that need online viewing. 


  • Unlike other formats, PNG does not support animation.
  • They can be difficult to edit since they are lossless. 
  • While their transparency is advantageous, it can sometimes cause artifacts on the image’s edges. 
  • It is challenging to print images in PNG format. 

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  When it comes to exchanging high-quality images among various devices, TIFF is an excellent choice.

  TIFF files employ lossless compression, thereby retaining the original details of images.

  It is an open format, which means one doesn't need a proprietary license to use it.

√ Unlike other raster image formats, it stores image information, the author, and even the copyright.

  TIFF images can not only be edited but can be re-saved without losing quality.

√ As far as color depths are concerned, TIFF files can store both 16-bit and 32-bit.

√ A wide range of image editing and desktop publishing software support TIFF.

  TIFF provides LZW, ZIP, JPEG, and PackBits compression options.


√ TIFF files are large, posing a challenge when sharing and collaborating across applications.

√ They contain a lot of metadata, as a result, editing images and graphics is difficult.

√ TIFF files aren't suited for streaming due to their limited browser and application support.

√ They don't support texts and logos, which are vector graphics.


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